The new ISSN portal and customer extranet is online!

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Since 5th January 2018, the ISSN International Centre has been offering a new ISSN portal interface and a new ISSN Extranet for publishers.

The ISSN Portal interface ( combines free data and subscription-based access to enhanced ISSN data. New features have been added. A cartographic search is now available from the landing page, enabling to search by place of publication. Subscribing users can submit a list of ISSNs in order to check the ISSN status and get the corresponding records. Faceted refinements are possible as well as a search by subjects. The new portal also provides linked and enriched information to its customers.

The ISSN Extranet provides publishers with enhanced services meant to facilitate ISSN requests and track the assignment process at every stage. Moreover, publishers can claim ownership for publications.

ISSN assignment is now a chargeable service. An ISSN request shall cost between 25€ and 50€ as per the country where the publisher is located. Service packages are also available on request. For further information, please contact communication[at]

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