Complete list of ROAD resources (3)


2348-6678 Arthropaedia
2348-6724 AE international journal of multidisciplinary research
2348-6732 AE international journal of science and technology
2348-6740 Journal of coastal sciences
2348-6759 MIT international journal of management & technology
2348-6775 Eduved international journal of interdisciplinary research
2348-6821 Integrated journal of engineering research and technology
2348-6848 International journal of research
2348-6910 DAV Ayurveda for holistic health
2348-6945 Scholar critic: an international journal of language, literature and culture studies
2348-6953 Multidisciplinary journal of research in engineering and technology
2348-697X International journal of engineering research and reviews
2348-6988 International journal of electrical and electronics research
2348-7135 International inventive multidisciplinary journal
2348-7143 Research journey
2348-7216 International journal of futuristic trends in management studies
2348-7240 Annals of geriatic education and medical sciences
2348-7259 Envirogeochimica acta
2348-7283 Younker social science research journal
2348-7291 Intermational journal of futuristic trends in multidisciplinary research
2348-7305 ADBU - journal of engineering and technology
2348-7313 Journal of advanced botany and zoology
2348-7321 Journal of computation in biosciences and engineering
2348-7518 Human resource reflection
2348-7550 International journal of advanced technology in engineering and science
2348-7585 International journal of management and commerce innovations
2348-7593 International journal of mechanical and industrial technology
2348-7607 International journal of civil and structural engineering research
2348-7615 ˜Theœ beats of natural sciences
2348-7658 Journal of pharmaceutical, chemical and biological sciences
2348-7682 Panacea journal of medical sciences
2348-7968 International journal of innovative science, engineering and technology
2348-8034 Global journal of engineering science and research
2348-8042 International journal of comprehensive medical physiology and research
2348-8050 International journal of emerging technologies & engineering
2348-8069 nternational journal of advanced research in biological sciences
2348-8077 International journal of inventions in research, engineering science and technology
2348-8093 International journal of clinical and experimental physiology
2348-8190 International journal of advanced engineering research and technology
2348-8204 International journal of intelligent computing in science & technology
2348-8212 International journal of law and legal jurisprudence studies
2348-8247 Younker international journal of Buddhist studies
2348-8344 International journal of global science research
2348-8352 SSRG international journal of civil engineering
2348-8360 SSRG international journal of mechanical engineering
2348-8379 SSRG international journal of electrical and electronics engineering
2348-8387 SSRG international journal of computer science and engineering
2348-8530 ˜Theœ herbs
2348-8549 SSRG international journal of electronics and communication engineering
2348-8557 International journal of computer informatics & technological engineering
2348-8565 International journal of modern engineering and research technology
2348-8573 International journal of computer, communication and information technology
2348-8689 International journal of novel research in engineering & pharmaceutical sciences
2348-8727 ˜Theœ journal of dental panacea
2348-8867 Journal of AgriSearch
2348-8948 International journal of pharmaceutics and drug analysis
2348-8956 Journal of materials science and surafce engineering
2348-8980 Ambient science
2348-8999 Somaiya medical journal
2348-9065 International journal of research in electronics and communication technology
2348-9073 International journal for research and analysis in allied sciences and engineering
2348-9170 Journal of plant development sciences
2348-926X Journal of neuroanaesthesiology and critical care
2348-9464 International journal of latest scientific research and technology
2348-9480 International journal of emerging trends in science and technology
2348-9502 American journal of ethnomedicine
2348-9510 International journal of core engineering and management
2348-9707 International journal of collaborative research in engineering sciences
2348-9766 International research journal of management and commerce
2348-9782 Journal of pharmaceutics & drug development
2348-9790 Journal of veterinary science & animal husbandry
2348-9804 Journal of forensic science & criminology
2348-9812 Journal of materials science and nanotechnology
2348-9820 Journal of case reports and studies
2348-988X TMIMT international journal
2348-991X International journal of medical science and clinical invention
2348-9928 International journal of advanced information and communication technology
2349-0012 International journal of advanced research in education, technology and management
2349-0020 International journal of research and applications
2349-0063 World journal of biology and medical sciences
2349-0101 Scrutiny international research journal of microbiology and bio techniques
2349-0128 Scrutiny international research journal of agriculture, plant biotechnology and bio products
2349-0292 Global journal of advanced engineering technologies and sciences
2349-0314 International research journal of marketing and economics
2349-0349 International journal of managerial studies and research
2349-0365 International journal of research studies in biosciences
2349-0381 International journal of humanities social sciences and education
2349-0403 International journal of advanced research in chemical science
2349-056X International journal of pharmacy education and research
2349-0594 International journal of modern chemistry and applied science
2349-0608 Global journal of computer science research & technology
2349-0640 Journal of mathematics and informatics
2349-0675 International journal of research in technological sciences
2349-0683 Asian Pacific journal of nursing
2349-0691 American journal of advances in nursing research
2349-0721 International engineering journal for research and development
2349-073X International journal of multidisciplinary consortium
2349-0756 BMR medicine
2349-0772 International journal online of sports technology and human engineering
2349-0780 International journal of new technologies in science and engineering
2349-0799 Journal of contemporary medicine and dentistry
2349-0837 Journal of advances in agriculture
2349-0896 Acta medica international
2349-0934 Journal of studies in history and culture
2349-1108 Advance physics letter
2349-1183 Tropical plant research
2349-1256 Journal of periodontal medicine & clinical practice
2349-1329 International journal for advanced review and research in pharmacy
2349-1531 International Journal of advances in agricultural and environmental engineering
2349-1558 SPC ERA international journal of e-commerce and e-banking
2349-1566 International journal of engineering, information technology and management studies
2349-1590 International journal of enhanced research in medicines & dental care
2349-1604 SMU medical journal
2349-1841 International journal of computer application and technology
2349-185X Current trends in biomedical & life sciences
2349-1949 Intellectual quest
2349-1965 International journal of basic and applied science research
2349-199X International journal of science for medical and dental research
2349-2031 International journal of social sciences and humanities invention
2349-204X International journal of industrial electronics and electrical engineering
2349-2058 International journal of engineering research & management
2349-2066 International journal of research and innovative technology
2349-2074 International journal of research in electrical & electronics technology
2349-2082 International journal for ignited minds
2349-2147 Modern research studies : an international journal of humanities and social sciences
2349-2163 International journal of innovative research in advanced engineering
2349-2171 Circuits and systems : an international journal
2349-218X International journal of computer-aided technologies
2349-2198 Informatics engineering : an international journal
2349-2201 Advances in vision computing
2349-221X Emerging trends in electrical, electronics & instrumentation engineering : an international journal
2349-2228 Agriculture for sustainable development
2349-2260 Journal of recent research in engineering and technology
2349-2287 International research journal of infinite innovations in engineering and technology
2349-2309 International journal for marketing studies
2349-2317 ELK Asia Pacific journal of marketing and retail management
2349-2325 ELK Asia Pacific journal of finance and risk management
2349-2503 Research script international journal of research in electrical engineering
2349-252X Research script international journal of research in electronics
2349-2570 Journal of evidence based medicine and healthcare
2349-2589 KAAV international journal of law, finance and industrial relations
2349-2627 Aikyabharati international multilingual research e-journal
2349-2635 International journal of journalism & mass communication
2349-2643 Journal of novel research in pharmacy & technology
2349-2651 Mechanical engineering : an international journal
2349-2678 International journal of pharmaceutical and biological archive
2349-2716 Journal of atomic, molecular, condensate and nano physics
2349-2724 International journal of chemical and biological sciences
2349-2759 Journal of innovations in pharmaceutical & biological sciences
2349-2775 International journal of basic medicine and clinical research
2349-2783 International journal of innovation and research in computer science
2349-2805 Journal of plant science and research
2349-283X Global journal of engineering and scientific research
2349-2856 Journal of zoological and bioscience research
2349-2864 Entomology and applied science letters
2349-2902 International surgery journal
2349-3046 SPC ERA international journal of science, technology and engineering
2349-316X WISE
2349-3186 International journal of medical science research and practice
2349-3194 International journal for current research and techniques
2349-3208 International journal of medical science and education
2349-3216 International journal of advanced engineering science and information technology
2349-3224 International journal of advancement in engineering technology, management & applied science
2349-3232 Journal of biological engineering research & review
2349-3259 International journal of clinical trials
2349-3267 Pediatric review: international journal of pediatrics research
2349-3275 Biomedical review: journal of basic and applied medical sciences
2349-3291 International journal of contemporary pediatrics
2349-3356 Journal of obstetrics & gynaecology Barpeta
2349-3399 International journal of advanced research in arts and science
2349-3402 International journal of business management
2349-3577 Global journal of socio-legal studies
2349-3585 International journal for research & development in technology
2349-3593 International journal of human resource & industrial research
2349-3607 International journal of advances in engineering & scientific research
2349-3674 Biomedical research journal
2349-3739 Electrical enginnering: an international journal
2349-3755 International journal of modern sciences and engineering technology
2349-3763 International journal of environment and natural sciences
2349-3771 International journal of scientific research and management studies
2349-378X Journal of engineering and interdisciplinary research
2349-3798 Journal of computer science and engineering research
2349-3801 Health intervention journal
2349-3828 Research script international journal of research in computer science
2349-3860 Research script international journal of research in mechanical engineering
2349-3933 International journal of medicine
2349-3976 International journal of engineering technology and sciences.
2349-4026 International trends in library and information technology
2349-4050 International journal of innovative research in electronics and communication
2349-4166 Public health review : international journal of public health research
2349-4182 International journal of multidisciplinary research and development
2349-4263 Scrutiny international research journal of advanced zoology, animal science and nutrition
2349-4328 International journal of advanced health sciences
2349-4387 Astrocyte
2349-4409 International journal of emerging engineering research and technology
2349-4425 American journal of contemporary scientific research
2349-4468 International journal of advances in managemet, economics and entrepreneurship
2349-4476 International journal of engineering, technology management & applied sciences
2349-4492 Asian journal of research in biological and phrmaceutical sciences
2349-4506 Global journal of engineering science and research management
2349-4581 Pharmacology & toxicology research
2349-459X BMR biotechnology
2349-4603 BMR microbiology
2349-4611 BMR phytomedicine
2349-4638 International journal of business, management and allied sciences
2349-4689 International journal of scientific progress & research
2349-4719 International journal of physical therapy & rehabilitation sciences
2349-476X International journal of research studies in science, engineering and technology
2349-4859 International journal of research studies in computer science and engineering
2349-4875 Kakadia international journal of research in multidiscipline
2349-4891 International journal of recent research and applied studies
2349-493X International journal of pharmaceutical excellence
2349-4980 International journal of futuristic trends in engineering & research
2349-5162 Journal of emerging technologies and innovative research
2349-5170 Journal of global research computer science & technology
2349-5189 Langlit
2349-5197 International journal of research science & management
2349-5200 International journal of biosciences and engineering
2349-5219 International journal of innovation and research in educational sciences
2349-5235 International journal of art and humanity science
2349-5332 Indian research journal of pharmacy and science
2349-5340 Indian journal of medical research and pharmaceutical sciences
2349-5359 International journal of advanced science and engineering
2349-5367 Research journali's journal of geography
2349-5375 Researchjournali's journal of mathematics
2349-5383 Researchjournali's journal of enterpreneurship
2349-5391 Researchjournali's journal of computer science
2349-5405 International research journal for quality in education
2349-5413 International journal of comprehensive nursing
2349-5421 International journal of applied biochemistry
2349-5448 Inter continental journal of pharmaceutical investigations and research
2349-5669 Journal of comprehensive pharmacy
2349-5677 International jouurnal of business quantitative economics and applied management research
2349-5715 Ethiopian international journal of multidisciplinary research
2349-5812 Advanced research in electrical and electronic engineering
2349-5839 International journal of basic and applied biology
2349-6002 International journal of innovative research in technology
2349-6010 International journal for innovative research in science & technology
2349-6037 International journal of multidisciplinary and scientific emerging research
2349-6126 Indian journal of child health
2349-6142 Neuroimmunology and neuroinflammation
2349-6150 Plastic and aesthetic research
2349-6185 International journal of engineering science invention research & development
2349-6193 International journal of engineering sciences & management research
2349-6223 Applied mathematics and sciences: an international journal
2349-6231 Advanced energy: an international journal
2349-6363 International journal of computational intelligence and informatics
2349-6371 American multidisciplinary international research journal
2349-638X Aayushi: international interdisciplinary research journal
2349-641X SSRG international journal of communication and media science
2349-655X Universe of emerging technologies and science
2349-6665 International journal of advanced packaging technology
2349-669X Journal of pharmacy and chemistry
2349-6746 International journal of management and social science research review
2349-6797 Poincare journal of analysis and applications
2349-6940 IJSS case reports & reviews
2349-6959 International journal of humanities and social science studies
2349-6967 International journal of emerging trends in engineering and basic sciences
2349-6975 SSARSC international journal of management
2349-6983 Annals of pathology and laboratory medicine
2349-7017 International journal of innovative research in information security
2349-7025 Panacea journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science
2349-7033 International journal of advances in health sciences
2349-7041 Innoriginal international journal of sciences
2349-7084 International journal of computer engineering in research trends
2349-7092 ˜Theœ Pharmaceutical and chemical journal
2349-7114 Asian journal of research in pharmaceutical science and biotechnology
2349-7130 International journal of advanced computing research
2349-7149 Journal of scientific research in physical & mathematical sciences
2349-7157 International journal of recent engineering science
2349-7173 International journal of advanced research in technology, engineering and science
2349-7203 International journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research
2349-7211 American journal of drug delivery and therapeutics
2349-7238 American journal of computer science and engineering survey
2349-7289 Research script international journal of management and humanities
2349-7300 International journal of innovative research in engineering & multidisciplinary physical sciences
2349-736X Annals of drug discovery and biomedical research
2349-7610 International journal for research in emerging science & technology
2349-7637 Research hub
2349-7688 International journal of recent research aspects
2349-7742 International journal of core research in communication engineering
2349-7750 Indo American journal of pharmaceutical sciences
2349-7769 Journal of chemistry environmental sciences and its applications
2349-7807 International journal of recent research in commerce, economics and management
2349-7815 International journal of recent research in electrical & electronics engineering
2349-7823 International journal of recent research in life sciences
2349-7831 International journal of recent research in social sciences and humanities
2349-784X International journal of science technology and engineering
2349-7858 South-Asian journal of multidisciplinary studies
2349-7882 International journal of advanced research in physical sciences
2349-7947 International journal on recent technologies in mechanical and electrical engineering
2349-7955 International journal of recent trends in life science and mathematics
2349-7963 International journal on research methodologies in physics and chemistry
2349-8005 International journal of advances in case reports
2349-8064 Sanglap : journal of literary and cultural inquiry
2349-8080 International journal of current research in biosciences and plant biology
2349-8110 International journal of women dentists
2349-8129 International journal of embedded & VLSI systems
2349-8218 International journal of electrical and computing engineering
2349-8293 RGNUL student law review
2349-8439 International journal of computational science, mathematics and engineering
2349-848X Bioscience & engineering : an international journal
2349-8501 Glacier journal of scientific research
2349-8552 Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences
2349-8560 Journal of health science education
2349-865X International journal of innovation in pharma biosciences and research technology
2349-882X International journal of innovative engineering research
2349-8862 International journal of scientific research and engineering
2349-8889 International journal for research in applied sciences and biotechnology
2349-896X Zero mile
2349-9052 Nehru e-journal
2349-9087 World journal of pharmacy and biotechnology
2349-9117 Research journal of management and IT
2349-9133 Horizons of holistic education
2349-9141 International journal of information research and review
2349-915X Evolving trends in engineering & technology
2349-9192 Journal of wildlife research
2349-9206 Journal of ready to eat food
2349-9214 Journal of grain processing and storage
2349-9222 International journal of earth and atmospheric science
2349-9249 Technix international journal for engineering research
2349-9338 International journal on advanced electrical and computer engineering
2349-9346 Research insights: international journal of interdisciplinary studies and research in humanities
2349-9362 SSRG international journal of industrial engineering
2349-9389 International journal of innovative science and applied engineering research
2349-9400 Journal of crop and weed
2349-9419 Integrated journal of British
2349-9427 Strive
2349-9435 Periodic research
2349-9443 Asian resonance
2349-9451 International journal of English language, literature and translation studies
2349-9745 International journal of modern trends in engineering and research
2349-9788 International journal of research and review
2349-9818 Tropical journal of pharmaceutical and life sciences
2349-9834 International journal of research in alternative medicines
2349-9842 International journal of innovative trends and emerging technologies
2349-9850 International journal of digital communication and networks
2349-9869 Dental journal of advance studies
2349-9907 Columbia journal of pharmaceutical sciences
2350-0190 Journal of cell science and molecular biology
2350-0204 International journal of Ayurveda & pharmaceutical chemistry
2350-0220 International journal of revolution in electrical and electronic engineering
2350-0247 International journal of scientific and computational intelligence
2350-0255 Journal of basic and applied engineering research
2350-0263 Journal of agricultural engineering and food technology
2350-028X International journal of advanced research in mathematics and applications
2350-0298 International journal of advanced medical & health research
2350-0301 SSRG international journal of applied physics
2350-0328 International journal of advanced research in science, engineering and technology
2350-045X Journal of international medicine and dentistry
2350-0468 Indian journal of research biology
2350-0476 International journal of multifaceted and multilingual studies
2350-0484 Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry
2350-0530 International journal of research - granthaalayah
2350-0549 International journal of physical and chemical sciences
2350-0557 International journal of innovative research in engineering and management
2350-0565 Research and humanities in medical education
2350-0859 Intercontinental journal of human resource management
2350-0875 Intercontinental journal of banking, insurance and finance
2350-0891 Intercontinental journal of marketing management
2350-0956 SSPS - international journal for business management & research
2350-1022 International journal of recent research in mathematics computer science and information technology
2350-1030 International journal of recent research in physics & chemical sciences
2350-1049 International journal of recent research in interdisciplinary sciences
2350-1073 Translational medicine and biotechnology
2350-1146 Asian journal of convergence in technology
2350-1294 International journal of allied practice, research and review
2350-1324 International journal of nursing research and practice
2350-4226 Azijske študije
2350-4803 Revija za elementarno izobraževanje
2351-6011 Socialinis ugdymas
2351-6364 Teisės problemos
2351-6526 Acta historica universitatis Klaipedensis
2351-6534 Archaeologia Baltica
2351-6569 Tiltai
2351-6585 Ugdymo psichologija
2351-6712 Socialiniai tyrimai
2352-1465 Transportation research procedia
2352-2291 Brazilian journal of anesthesiology
2352-3409 Data in brief
2353-0588 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics
2353-0596 Scientific Research of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
2353-0707 Scandinavian Journal of Forensic Science
2353-074X Acta Mycologica
2353-0758 Modern Management Review
2353-0790 Geology, Geophysics & Environment
2353-088X Neophilologica
2353-0952 Automatyka
2353-0960 Didactica Mathematicae
2353-0987 Przestrzeń, Ekonomia, Społeczeństwo
2353-1029 European Journal of Medical Technologies
2353-1061 Archeo UW
2353-1282 Innowacyjne Mleczarstwo
2353-1339 Medycyna Pracy
2353-1371 Nauki Przyrodnicze
2353-1703 Acta Entomologica Silesiana
2353-1789 Scientific Quarterly
2353-1827 Oeconomia Copernicana
2353-1843 Central European Journal of Energetic Materials
2353-1908 Acta Universitatis Lodziensis.Folia Litteraria Polonica
2353-2092 Geoscience Notes
2353-2270 ˆThe ‰Polish Journal of Aviation Medicine and Psychology
2353-2742 A Vista
2353-2807 Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine
2353-2815 Współczesne Problemy Ekonomiczne
2353-2823 Annales Neophilologiarum
2353-2831 Rocznik Komparatystyczny
2353-284X Studia Administracyjne
2353-2858 Service Management
2353-2866 Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług
2353-2874 Problemy Zarządzania, Finansów i Marketingu
2353-2882 Opuscula Sociologica
2353-3145 Humaniora
2353-3161 Studia Językoznawcze
2353-317X Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia
2353-3218 Academic Journal of Modern Philology
2353-3293 Equilibrium
2353-3617 Managerial Economics
2353-3633 AGH Journal of Mining and Geoengineering
2353-3641 Geotourism
2353-3900 Orbis Idearum
2353-3978 Journal of Horticultural Research
2353-4419 Challenges of Modern Technology
2353-4516 Fluids
2353-4699 Jednak Książki
2353-5148 Konińskie Studia Językowe Katedry Filologii PWSZ w Koninie
2353-5288 Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica
2353-5415 International Journal for Transformative Research
2353-5423 Mining Science
2353-5571 Health Psychology Report
2353-5601 Finanse i Prawo Finansowe
2353-561X Current Issues in Personality Psychology
2353-5636 Scientia et Fides
2353-5652 Meteorology, Hydrology and Water Management
2353-5695 Medtube Science
2353-5733 Musicology Today
2353-5849 Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Science
2353-5954 Trivium
2353-6403 Studia z Dziejów Rosji i Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej
2353-642X University of Warsaw Journal of Comparative Law
2353-6489 Folia Medica Copernicana
2353-6845 Journal of Banking and Financial Economics
2353-6950 Młoda
2353-6969 Explorations
2353-6977 Applied Computer Science
2353-7027 Dermatopedia
2353-7078 Theological Research
2353-7086 Prawo Budżetowe Państwa i Samorządu
2353-7132 Psychologia Ekonomiczna
2353-7183 Archives of Physiotherapy and Global Researches
2353-7221 Roczniki Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu.Botanika-Steciana
2353-723X Estetyka i Krytyka
2353-7345 Polska Kardiologia Prenatalna Echo Płodu
2353-737X Czasopismo Techniczne
2353-7515 Studia Historiae Oeconomicae
2353-7566 Drogi Edukacji
2353-768X Studia Muzyczno-Edukacyjne
2353-7760 Folia Cardiologica
2353-7779 Production Engineering Archives
2353-7841 Spheres of Culture
2353-8031 Perspektywy Edukacyjno-Społeczne
2353-8104 Prawo Kanoniczne
2353-8112 Colloquia Litteraria
2353-8139 Zeszyty Prawnicze
2353-8201 Kardiologia Prenatalna Echo Płodu
2353-8414 Marketing Instytucji Naukowych i Badawczych
2353-8554 European Journal of Geopolitics
2353-8589 Ochrona Środowiska i Zasobów Naturalnych
2353-8627 Current Problems of Psychiatry
2353-8678 Medical Problems
2353-8686 Zeszyty Naukowe Uczelnianej Rady Doktorantów Uniwersytetu Kazimierza Wielkiego
2353-8791 Postępy Andrologii Online
2353-8821 Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review
2353-8899 Przegląd Nauk Stosowanych
2353-8953 Cahiers ERTA
2353-9003 International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering
2353-9054 Bromatologia i Chemia Toksykologiczna
2353-9062 Biuletyn Bezpieczeństwo Jądrowe i Ochrona Radiologiczna
2353-9119 Central and Eastern European Journal of Management and Economics
2353-9453 Computional Methods in Science and Technology
2353-9461 BioTechnologia
2353-9488 Oblicza Neuronauki
2353-9496 International Business and Global Economy
2353-950X Horyzonty Polityki
2353-9518 Comparative Professional Pedagogy
2353-9607 International Journal of Microelectronics and Computer Science
2353-9801 Journal of Medical Science
2353-9836 Przegląd Teleinformatyczny
2354-0001 Debiuty Bibliologiczno-Informatologiczne
2354-0036 Creat!vity
2354-0052 Polish Journal of Applied Psychology
2354-0060 Developmental Period Medicine
2354-0079 Environmental & Socio-Economic Studies
2354-0133 Journal of KONES
2354-0192 Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
2354-0265 Health Problems of Civilization
2354-029X Studia z Etyki i Edukacji Globalnej
2354-0389 Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica
2354-4716 Neuro-endocrinology letters
2354-4988 Economie et statistiques
2356-0177 Journal of Tropical Crop Science
2356-0185 Jurnal Al-Azhar Indonesia
2356-0835 Jurnal Solum
2356-105X Jurnal Universitas Paramadina
2356-1424 Sains Tanah
2356-1661 Jurnal Rekayasa Kimia & Lingkungan
2356-2633 Language Horizon
2356-6191 Advices in Biomedical Sciences
2356-623X Journal of Biotechnology Research
2357-1705 ˜The œpolitical economy of communication
2357-5905 Gestión y ambiente
2357-7126 Brazilian Journal of Technology, Communication, and Cognitive Science
2357-7797 Inovae
2357-8041 Clinical and Laboratorial Research in Dentistry
2357-8114 ABCS Health Sciences
2357-9080 Revista Eletrônica do Curso de Ciências Contábeis
2357-9323 Virus Reviews & Research
2357-9641 PAJAR
2357-9676 Revista Brasileira de Meio Ambiente Digital e Sociedade da Informação
2358-1883 Trends in Psychology
2358-1980 Balduinia
2358-2286 Latin American Journal of Energy Research
2358-2545 Dental Press Endodontics
2358-2553 Dental Press Implantology
2358-2812 Geochimica Brasiliensis
2358-2820 EconomiA
2358-2847 Neodiversity
2358-2871 Revista SOBECC
2358-288X Reprodução & Climatério
2358-2898 Saúde em Debate
2358-2901 Brazilian Journal of Allergy and Immunology
2358-291X Cadernos Saúde Coletiva
2358-2936 Nauplius
2358-3932 Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Defesa
2358-8306 Cadernos de Educação, Saúde e Fisioterapia
2359-0076 Revista do Centro de Estudos Portugueses
2359-1323 Dialektiké
2359-1870 Pesquisar
2359-4292 Archives of Endocrinology and Metabolism
2359-7089 Acta Horti Botanici Bucurestiensis
2359-781X CommScie
2359-8654 Nonconventional Technologies Review
2359-9855 Robotică şi Management
2360-0187 Hop and Medicinal Plants
2360-2155 Review of Management and Economic Engineering
2360-2465 Journal of Euro and Competitiveness
2360-2546 Ovidius Dentistry Journal
2360-266X Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology
2360-3445 Anthropological Researches and Studies
2360-5111 Academic Thoughts Review
2360-6975 Archive of Clinical Cases
2363-6041 Mollusca
2363-605X Transplantationsmedizin
2363-6106 Rostocker Mathematisches Kolloquium
2363-6424 Resilienz
2363-6491 Nachhaltigkeit
2363-6505 Macht Geschichte!
2363-653X Ostbib
2363-6629 Archivamt-Blog
2363-6637 Archive in München
2363-6645 1914 - 1918: Ein rheinisches Tagebuch
2363-6947 Bonn zoological bulletin
2363-7064 Demographic research
2363-9555 Research in number theory
2363-9814 O-bib
2364-091X Journal of large-scale research facilities
2364-3587 Advances in statistical climatology, meteorology and oceanography
2364-3730 Heidelberg ethnology
2364-4753 Romanische Studien
2364-4893 Diagnostic pathology
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2364-5369 International journal of multicultural and multireligious understanding
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2364-9224 Schriften zur Kultur- und Mediensemiotik online
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2367-4792 Biological Markers and Guided Therapy
2367-5152 International Journal Information Content & Processing
2367-5241 Biomath Communications
2367-5314 Studia Iuris
2367-5357 Information Technologies and Control
2367-5373 Meždunarodna politika
2367-5403 KSI Transactions on Knowledge Society
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2367-5500 Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica
2367-5519 Varnenski medicinski forum
2367-5535 Dokladi na Bʺlgarskata akademiâ na naukite
2367-5594 International Journal of Computing and Optimization
2367-5608 Journal of Innovative Technology and Education
2367-5675 Proceedings of the ... International Conference Computational Linguistics in Bulgaria
2367-5683 Proceedings of the ... Workshop on Biological Activity of Metals, Synthetic Compounds and Natural Products
2367-5721 SocioBrains
2367-5756 Ezik i publičnost
2367-5772 Agrarni nauki
2367-5810 Journal of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics and Management
2367-5845 Naučni trudove
2367-6035 Journal of International Economy and Business
2367-6256 Manas
2367-6396 Elektronno spisanie za nauka, kultura i obrazovanie
2367-6477 Biomedical Data Journal
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2367-6620 Mehanika. Transport. Komunikacii
2367-6655 IUC Management Review
2367-6663 Innovation in woodworking industry and engineering design
2367-6671 Problemi na geografiâta
2368-0016 Journal of critical anti-oppressive social inquiry
2368-6952 Montreal architectural review
2372-0409 ASBMB today
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2372-6210 Journal of clinical chiropractic pediatrics
2372-7152 Journal of open access to law
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2372-8590 Policy and complex systems
2373-0404 Alabama journal of mathematics
2373-1532 ˆThe ‰Fieldwork e-journal
2373-5481 Age, culture, humanities
2373-5856 Journal of law, property and society
2373-5996 Journal of the Nevada Water Resources Association
2373-6011 Puerto Rico health sciences journal
2373-6062 New England journal of public policy
2373-6089 Current issues in emerging elearning
2373-7115 Berkeley undergraduate journal of classics
2373-7530 Cliodynamics
2373-7565 Empowering sustainability international journal
2373-7573 World cultures eJournal
2373-7611 Global societies journal
2373-7743 Trotter review
2373-7751 Nineteen sixty nine
2373-809X UC Merced undergraduate research journal
2373-812X Undergraduate journal of gender and women's studies
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2373-8936 INTESOL journal
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2374-1570 Utah historical review
2374-202X Journal of games criticism
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2374-250X ˆThe ‰Journal of chiropractic education
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2374-3565 Stress, brain and behavior
2374-359X Journal of managed care nursing
2374-4227 AI3
2374-8885 Proceedings of the ... annual Wisconsin Space Conference
2374-8915 The pancreapedia
2375-0944 Journal of research on women and gender
2375-2505 Excellence in performing arts research
2375-5636 Journal of applied testing technology
2375-6586 Ayurvedic
2375-6853 ˆThe ‰Nebraska educator
2375-7779 Stanford journal of criminal law and policy
2375-7795 Science proceedings
2377-3472 Journal of meaning-centered education
2377-4975 Journal of ethical educational leadership
2377-7680 Reformed Presbyterian Theological journal
2377-956X Substance abuse library and information studies
2378-0665 Paysonia
2378-0738 Proceedings of the Workshop on the Sound Systems of Mexico and Central America
2378-6094 ˜The œJournal of Baptist studies
2378-6159 Sequitur
2379-4550 Clinical research in practice
2380-0607 AIHM journal club
2382-5170 Asia pacific journal of environment ecology and sustainable development
2382-5537 International journal of microbiology and allied sciences
2382-5545 Journal of Biomedical Sciences
2382-6746 Studies in reading and book culture
2382-7661 Kaugseire Eestis ..
2382-9737 Majallah-i salāmat va bihdāsht
2382-9745 UCT journal of management and accounting studies
2382-9753 UCT journal of social sciences and humanities research
2382-977X UCT journal of research in science ,engineering and technology
2382-9834 Journal of radiobiology
2382-9869 Journal of mathematical modeling
2382-9877 Journal of algebra and related topics
2382-9893 International journal of foreign language teaching in the Islamic world
2382-9907 Journal of applied business and finance researches
2382-9931 Mudīriyyat-i āb va ābyārī
2382-9974 Bih/nizhādī-i giyāhān-i zirā̒ī va bāghī
2383-000X Mycologia iranica
2383-0034 Majallah-i pizishkī-i qānūnī
2383-0042 Iranian journal of materials forming
2383-0050 ̒Ulūm, taḥqīqāt va fanāvarī-i padāfand-i ghiyr-i ̒āmil
2383-014X Zhinitīk dar hizārah-i sivvum
2383-0166 Omega journal of scientific research
2383-0190 Mudīriyyat va fīziyuluzhī-i varzishī-i Shumāl
2383-0239 International journal of social science and management
2383-028X Biotechnology and health sciences
2383-0301 Avicenna journal of clinical microbiology and infection
2383-0344 Journal of nanoanalysis
2383-0417 Journal of computing and security
2383-0433 Archives of breast cancer
2383-0476 Jāmi̒ah/pizhūhī-i farhangī
2383-0492 Taḥqīqāt-i tārīkh-i ijtimā̒ī
2383-0514 KSP newsletter
2383-0530 Nashriyyah-i jangal va farāvardah/hā-yi chūb
2383-0557 Adabiyyāt-i pārsī-i mu̒āṣir
2383-0573 Iqtiṣād-i taṭbīqī
2383-059X Gharb/shināsī-i bunyādī
2383-0611 Kuhan/nāmah-i adab-i Fārsī
2383-0638 Rasānah va farhang
2383-0654 Pizhūhish/hā-yi ̒ilm va dīn
2383-0670 Manṭiq/pizhūhī
2383-0697 Ḥikmat-i mu̒āṣir
2383-0719 Tafakkur va kūdak
2383-0735 Falsafah-i ̒ilm
2383-0751 Pizhūhish/nāmah-i zanān
2383-0778 Justār/hā-yi falsafah-i dīn
2383-0786 Āfāq al-ḥaḍārat al-islāmiyyat
2383-0794 Iranian journal of research in English language teaching
2383-0808 Justārhā-yi tārīkhī
2383-0816 Justār/hā-yi zabānī
2383-0824 Zabān/shinākht
2383-0883 Zamīn/shināsī-i zhi̓utiknīk
2383-0905 Āb va fāz̤ilāb
2383-093X Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry research
2383-0948 Asian journal of social and economic sciences
2383-0964 Iranian journal of ichthyology
2383-0972 Journal of basic research in medical sciences
2383-0980 Scientific journal of mechanical and industrial engineering
2383-1057 Bihdā
2383-112X Taḥqīqāt-i ̒ulūm-i chūb va kāghaz̠-i Īrān
2383-1138 Taḥqīqāt-i marta̒ va biyābān-i Īrān
2383-1146 Taḥqīqāt-i jangal va ṣinubar-i Īrān
2383-1162 Nursing practice today
2383-1189 Mudīrriyat-i dārāyī va ta̓mīn-i mālī
2383-1197 Māshīn-i bīnāyī va pardāzish-i taṣvīr
2383-1200 Majallah-i sāzmān-i niẓām-i pizishkī-i Mashhad
2383-1219 International journal of school health
2383-1235 Pizhūhish/hā-yi adabiyyāt-i taṭbīqī
2383-1243 Taḥqīqāt-i giyāhān-i dārūyī va mu̒aṭṭar-i Īrān
2383-1286 Pizhūhish/nāmah-i tārīkh-i ijtimā̒ī va iqtiṣādī
2383-1553 Journal of art and architecture studies
2383-1618 Iranian journal of hydrogen and fuel cell
2383-2924 Akhlāq va farhang dar parastārī va māmāyī
2383-3688 Farāyand va kārkard-i giyāhī
2383-3912 Apadana journal of clinical research
2383-4234 Advances in applied agricultural science
2383-4625 Clinical and experimental emergency medicine
2383-4757 Communications for statistical applications and methods
2383-4846 Journal of manufacturing engineering & technology
2383-4889 The Korean journal of critical care medicine
2383-5001 Journal of liver cancer
2383-5044 han-gukgwan-gaebaesunonmunjip
2383-5249 han-gukgyunhakoeji
2383-5346 Journal of korean society for atmospheric environment
2383-5400 Han-gukaeyangbaiohakoeji
2383-5427 Translational and clinical pharmacology
2383-5508 Journal of the Korean association of pediatric surgeons
2383-5575 Architectural research
2383-5699 Imsangnoinuihakoeji
2383-5818 The Korean journal of applied statistics
2383-5958 Journal of international association for Taekwondo research
2383-6156 JPI research forum
2383-6245 Journal of the Chungcheong mathematical society
2383-6296 jeongbogwahakoe nonmunji
2383-6326 Jeongbogwahakoe keompyuting-ui silje nonmunji
2383-6334 The research journal of the costume culture
2383-6385 Chuksan-gisul-gwa saneop
2383-6423 Journal of Korean biological nursing science
2383-6709 Jeonjachaek gisul jeonsi mit haksuldaehoe nonmunjip
2383-6881 The Korean journal of blood transfusion
2383-7039 Daehanchigwamachwigwahakoeji (Online)
2383-7101 Journal of clinical nutrition
2383-725X International journal of smart home
2383-7268 Asia-pacific journal of multimedia services convergent with art, humanities, and sociology
2383-7276 International journal of transportation
2383-7284 International journal of computer graphics
2383-7292 International journal of artificial intelligence and applications for smart devices Online
2383-7489 Gyosagyoyugyeon-gu
2383-7497 Gwahakgyoyugyeon-gubo - Busandaehakgyo
2383-7586 Korean journal of optometry and vision science
2383-7624 Psychoanalysis
2383-7632 Journal of multimedia information system
2383-7810 Daehanhwan-gyeonggonghakoeji
2383-7845 Journal of pathology and translational medicine
2383-7977 Anesthesia and pain medicine
2383-8086 Journal of Korean gerontological nursing
2383-8116 Journal of international society for simulation surgery
2384-6321 Greener Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
2384-633X Greener Journal of Life Sciences
2384-6348 Greener Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
2384-6356 Greener Journal of Ecology and Ecosolution
2384-6364 Greener Journal of Chemical Science and Technology
2384-6402 Greener Journal of Languages and Literature Research
2384-6410 Greener Journal of Physics and Natural Sciences
2384-6429 Greener Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics
2384-6437 Greener Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare
2384-6585 International Journal of Infections and Tropical Diseases
2384-6712 Ministerium
2384-681X International Journal of Basic Applied and Innovative Research
2384-6828 International Journal of Community Research
2384-8553 Annali dell'Istituto superiore di sanità
2384-8898 Archistor
2384-8901 Cultura giuridica e diritto vivente
2384-8936 Rapporti IstiSan
2384-8960 Working papers
2384-8987 Ricognizioni
2384-9045 Agon
2384-9126 Memorie
2384-9150 Rendiconti. Classe di lettere e scienze morali e storiche
2384-9207 U+D, urbanform and design
2384-9290 Rivista di Terra di Lavoro
2384-9398 Geoprogress journal
2384-9428 Archeomatica
2384-969X Working papers del Centro Studi Europei
2385-0671 Housing policies and urban economics
2385-068X EMNR working paper series
2385-0701 Quaderni del LaPArS
2385-071X Educazione democratica
2385-0728 Journal of applied and laser spectroscopy
2385-0736 Area pediatrica
2385-0787 Clinical neuropsychiatry
2385-0833 Rivista italiana di ornitologia
2385-085X ˜Il œPiemonte delle autonomie
2385-0868 Italian journal of gynaecology & obstetrics
2385-0892 Poliarchie/Polyarchies
2385-0922 Natural History Sciences
2385-1945 Philosophy kitchen
2385-1953 Archeologia e calcolatori
2385-197X Figure dell'immaginario
2385-2038 Archeologia e calcolatori. Supplemento
2385-2062 Biblica
2385-2070 Blood transfusion
2385-2089 Italian journal of allergy and clinical immunology
2385-216X Rosmini Studies
2385-2364 Rare diseases and orphan drugs
2385-2453 Mediterranean journal of medical sciences
2385-2607 Immagine
2385-2615 Rivista italiana di acustica
2385-2704 Notiziario neutroni e luce di sincrotrone
2385-2720 Venezia arti
2385-2739 Itinerari di ricerca storica
2385-2755 Working papers
2385-2801 Working papers
2385-2836 Current trends in clinical embryology
2385-2895 Aristonothos
2385-2909 Linguistica e filologia
2385-2917 Studia theodisca
2385-2925 Studia austriaca
2385-2941 Quaderni dell'Istituto di matematica dell'Università di Lecce
2385-295X Quaderni del Dipartimento di matematica dell'Università di Lecce
2385-2968 Quaderno
2385-3034 Annali di Ca' Foscari
2385-3042 Annali di Ca' Foscari. Serie Orientale
2385-3565 Estudi general
2385-3573 Estudios de fonética experimental
2385-3581 Estudis altafullencs
2385-3638 Ex novo
2385-4332 Monografíes del Museu de Ciènces Naturals
2385-8052 Naše gospodarstvo
2385-815X Ravija za geografijo
2385-8729 EtnologNova vrsta
2385-8753 Slavia Centralis
2385-8761 Slovenian veterinary research
2386-0138 Zbrana dela slovenskih pesnikov in pisateljev
2386-0146 Monografije k Zbranim delom slovenskih pesnikov in pisateljev
2386-0286 Osemnajsto stoletje na Slovenskem
2386-057X Seminar slovenskega jezika, literature in kulture
2386-3765 Información técnica económica agraria
2386-3773 Cuadernos de bioética
2386-379X Economía española y protección social
2386-3803 Nemus
2386-3811 Andelma
2386-3846 Historia de la educación
2386-3889 Studia historica.Historia moderna
2386-3900 Enseñanza
2386-3927 Enseñanza & teaching
2386-3943 Zephyrus
2386-4095 European journal of human movement
2386-463X Medicina naturista
2386-4702 Doxa
2386-4745 Pasado y memoria
2386-4753 Ítaca
2386-4761 Haser
2386-4834 Miscelánea
2386-4877 Differenz
2386-4885 Revista de educación y derecho =
2386-4893 Boletín de la Asociación Internacional de Derecho Cooperativo
2386-5571 Anuario de estudios atlánticos
2386-6128 Scripta fulgentina
2386-6624 Complutense journal of English studies
2386-7027 Revista indexada de textos académicos
2386-706X Affar
2386-7116 Cabdells
2386-7124 Mayurqa
2386-7132 Caligrama
2386-7140 Grama y cal
2386-7175 Monografíes de prehistòria i arqueologia castellonenques
2386-7272 Educació i cultura
2386-7299 Endins
2386-7345 Aguaits
2386-7388 ˜L'œAiguadolç
2386-740X Revista galego-portuguesa de psicoloxía e educación
2386-7418 Revista de estudios e investigación en psicología y educación
2386-7620 Elos
2386-7655 Con-textos kantianos
2386-8066 Análisis
2386-821X Aljaranda
2386-8368 Cuadernos de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales
2386-9968 Terra
2387-161X Revista española de educación física y deportes
2387-2144 Acta Geographica - Trondheim.Serie A,Avhandlinger og rapporter
2387-2152 Acta Geographica - Trondheim.Serie B
2387-2160 Acta Geographica - Trondheim.Serie C,Undervisningskompendier og tekniske
2387-2179 Acta Geographica - Trondheim.Serie D,Feltkursrapporter
2387-2667 ˆThe‰ Nordic atlas of language structures (NALS) journal
2387-2748 ˆThe‰ Complexity of obesity proceedings
2387-2950 Bestandsstatus for store rovdyr i Skandinavia
2387-3043 Series of dissertations
2387-3051 Discussion paper
2387-306X Forskningsrapport
2387-3078 Research report
2387-3086 Septentrio conference series
2387-3124 Working paper series
2387-3140 Norges Bank watch report series
2387-3299 Oslo law review
2387-3345 Radiography open
2387-4562 Arctic review on law and politics
2387-5372 Chironomus
2387-5739 Nordisk tidsskrift for pedagogikk & kritikk
2387-6662 Reports from the University of Stavanger
2387-6670 NOA
2387-6700 Collegium medievale
2387-6719 Norsk lingvistisk tidsskrift
2387-6727 Tidsskrift for kulturforskning
2387-6735 Din
2387-6743 Karib
2391-3991 Polish Journal of Political Science
2391-4033 Journal of Multimodal Communication Studies
2391-4106 Zarządzanie Ochroną Przyrody w Lasach
2391-4165 Nauki Społeczno-Humanistyczne
2391-436X Trends in Sport Sciences
2391-4408 Journal of Public Health, Nursing and Medical Rescue
2391-4432 Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis.Studia de Cultura
2391-4475 Pers Public
2391-4491 Compparative Legilinguistics
2391-4661 Demonstratio Mathematica
2391-4815 Muzealnictwo
2391-5110 Homo Politicus
2391-5129 Zarządzania Innowacyjne w Gospodarce i Biznesie
2391-5137 Językoznawstwo
2391-5145 Civitas Hominibus
2391-517X Nutrition, Obesity & Metabolic Surgery
2391-5293 Prace Komisji Krajobrazu Kulturowego
2391-5307 Przyszłość, Świat-Europa-Polska
2391-548X Psychoprevention Studies
2391-5706 World Journal of Management and Art
2391-5714 World Journal of Economics and Engineering
2391-5838 Biblioteka
2391-5846 Fragmenta Faunistica
2391-5854 Psychiatria Polska
2391-5862 Psychoterapia
2391-5951 Progress in Economic Sciences
2391-601X Protetyka Stomatologiczna
2391-6052 Alergologia Polska
2391-6095 Environmental Biotechnology
2391-6540 Racjonalia
2391-6559 ˆThe ‰Person and the Challenges
2391-6567 Annales Canonici
2391-6575 Polonia Sacra
2391-6702 Folia Historica Cracoviensia
2391-6710 Studia Socialia Cracoviensia
2391-6729 Pro Musica Sacra
2391-6761 Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska
2391-6788 Kultura Popularna
2391-6869 Zbiór Wiadomości do Antropologii Muzealnej
2391-7229 Hexis
2391-7253 Inżynieria i Ochrona Środowiska
2391-7415 Prace Naukowe z Prawa Spółek i Własności Intelektualnej
2391-7504 World Journal of Applied and Life Sciences
2391-7512 Ordines Militares
2391-7571 Rocznik Andragogiczny
2391-7598 Teologia i Człowiek
2391-7601 Torun International Studies
2391-761X Decyzje
2391-7644 Comparative Law Review
2391-7652 Historia i Polityka
2391-7725 Przestrzeń i Forma
2391-775X Studia z Historii Filozofii
2391-7768 Linguistica Copernicana
2391-7865 Toruńskie Studia Polsko-Włoskie
2391-7873 Studia Iuridica Toruniensia
2391-7881 Polish Yearbook of Environmental Law
2391-789X Journal of Modern Science
2391-7903 Sztuka Edycji
2391-7911 Archiwum Emigracji
2391-792X Biuletyn Polskiej Misji Historycznej
2391-7989 Chirurgia Plastyczna i Oparzenia
2391-8071 Journal of Machine Engineering
2391-8152 Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics
2391-8160 Balkan Region Conference on Engineering and Business Education
2391-8179 Acta Universtitatis Sapientiae.Philologica
2391-8241 Journal of Applied Computer Science Methods
2391-8446 Monographs of Physical Anthropology
2391-8497 Ruch Biblijny i Liturgiczny
2391-8640 Zeszyty Naukowe
2391-8942 Nowości Warzywnicze
2391-8950 Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa im. Szczepana Pieniążka
2391-8969 Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Ogrodnictwa
2391-9353 Liturgia Sacra
2391-9361 Systemy Wspomagania w Inżynierii Produkcji
2391-937X Studia Teologiczno-Historyczne Śląska Opolskiego
2391-9388 Family Forum
2391-9396 Scriptura Sacra
2391-940X Studia Oecumenica
2391-9418 Religious and Sacred Poetry
2391-9477 Archiwum Fotogrametrii, Kartografii i Teledetekcji
2391-971X Przegląd Biblioterapeutyczny
2392-0092 International Journal of Pedagogy, Innovation and New Technologies
2392-0297 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Journal
2392-0327 Advanced Technologies in Mechanics
2392-0351 E-Patrologos
2392-0378 Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin
2392-0629 Inżynieria Ekologiczna
2392-0688 E-methodology
2392-0696 Planeta Literatur
2392-0718 E-Scripta Romanica
2392-0726 Journal of Capital Market and Behavioral Finance
2392-1781 Debiuty Akademickie
2392-2192 World Scientific News
2392-2443 World Journal of Theoretical and Applied Sciences
2392-2656 Polish Journal of Social Rehabilitation
2392-2664 Physiotherapy and Health Activity
2392-2699 Journal of Corporate Responsibility and Leadership
2392-6031 Studia antiqua et archeologica
2392-604X Revista calităţii în instituţiile de învăţământ superior
2392-6058 International Journal for Quality in Higher Education
2392-6163 Acta terrae septemcastrensis
2392-6791 Annals of the Romanian-German University of SibiuEconomics
2392-8018 International Journal of Medical Dentistry
2392-8026 Arena - Journal of Physical Activities
2392-8034 Revista română de bioetică
2392-8042 Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy
2392-8050 Journal of Danubian Studies and Research
2392-8077 Psihologia resurselor umane
2392-8085 Finanţe - Provocările viitorului
2392-8093 Bucharest Working Papers in Linguistics
2392-8107 Studii de bibliologie şi ştiinţa informării
2392-8115 Revue valaque d'etudes economiques
2392-8123 Strategii manageriale
2392-8131 Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries
2392-814X South-East European Journal of Political Science
2392-828X Electrotehnică, electronică, automatică
2392-8298 Journal of Law and Administrative Sciences
2392-845X Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology
2392-8549 Revista română de sociologie
2392-8697 Romanian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
2392-876X American Research Thoughts
2392-8778 ˜The œJournal of Accounting and Management
2392-9472 Anastasis
2392-9545 Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management
2392-9588 Innovativa
2393-0373 International Journal of Social and Educational Innovation
2393-056X Colindancias
2393-0586 Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Bulletin
2393-1078 Cultural Intertexts
2393-1140 Diacronia
2393-1221 Studies in Visual Arts and Communication
2393-1264 Social Sciences and Education Research Review
2393-1426 Analele Universităţii din CraiovaSeria biologie, horticultură, tehnologia prelucrării produselor agricole, ingineria mediului
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2410-3497 Pharmaciencia
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2410-356X Revista de ciencias naturales y agropecuarias
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2410-3624 Global environmental engineers
2410-3748 Ekonomìka, upravlìnnâ, ìnnovacìï
2410-3926 Mağallaẗ ğīl al-dirāsāt al-siyāsiyyaẗ wa-al-ʿalāqāt al-duwaliyyaẗ
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2410-3950 Revista de sistemas experimentales
2410-3977 Revista de sistemas y gestión educativa
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2410-5546 Revista del Jardín Botánico Nacional
2410-5562 Revista guatemalteca de cirugía
2410-566X International journal of medicine & applied health
2410-5767 Journal of education and social sciences
2410-5945 International journal of chemical, material and environmental research
2410-5953 Pozo de letras
2410-5961 Revista de economía y derecho
2410-6275 Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical research
2410-6291 Ciencias sociales y humanidades
2410-6356 Ciencia, tecnología y salud
2410-6488 Sci-Afric journal of educational research and learning techniques
2410-6534 Journal of sports research
2410-6542 Journal of nutrients
2410-6550 Journal of diseases
2410-6569 Journal of challenges
2410-6577 Linqua
2410-6585 Journal of new media and mass communication
2410-6623 Standard research journal of plant sciences
2410-6631 Standard research journal of pharmacy and pharmacology
2410-6666 Silsilaẗ al-muḥāḍarāt al-ʿilmiyyaẗ
2410-6682 Âzyk, kulʹtura, kommunikacii
2410-6887 Journal of genes and cells
2410-6895 EAI endorsed transactions on cloud systems
2410-7026 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta.Seriâ Obrazovanie, zdravoohranenie, fizičeskaâ kulʹtura
2410-7034 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriâ Vyčislitelʹnaâ matematika i informatika
2410-7077 Bangladesh journal of MIS
2410-7328 Èlektronnyj arhiv RGPPU
2410-7336 Sučasnì ìnformacìjnì tehnologìï u sferì bezpeki ta oboroni
2410-7409 ˜The œIraqi journal of veterinary medicine
2410-7417 Journal of tumor
2410-7433 European journal of geography
2410-745X SIAK journal
2410-8065 Hazara Islamicus
2410-8138 Novaâ pravovaâ myslʹ
2410-8162 Journal of policy research
2410-8197 South American journal of management
2410-8219 South African journal of physiotherapy
2410-8324 Mağallaẗ al-markaz al-ʿarabī li-l-buḥūṯ wa-al-dirāsāt fī ʿulūm al-maktabāt wa-al-maʿlūmāt
2410-8383 Kabarak journal of research and innovation
2410-843X Ciencia, tecnología y desarrollo
2410-8456 Basra journal of veterinary research
2410-8502 Journal of information technology and applications
2410-8510 International journal of health and education
2410-8537 South Asian journal of management sciences
2410-8545 Túshū yǔ zīxùn xuékān
2410-8561 Online journal of biological sciences
2410-857X International journal of cyber society and education
2410-8588 International journal of electronic commerce studies
2410-8626 Rwanda medical journal
2410-8650 ˆThe ‰Kaohsiung journal of medical sciences
2410-8685 Grudnaâ i serdečno-sosudistaâ hirurgiâ
2410-8693 Academic journal of business, administration, law and social sciences
2410-8774 Journal of brain sciences
2410-8790 Current science perspectives
2410-8812 Vestnik Omskoj ûridičeskoj akademii
2410-8855 Detskie bolezni serdca i sosudov
2410-888X Journal Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences
2410-891X UCV-Scientia
2410-8936 Revue de médecine et de pharmacie
2410-8944 Boletín de ciencias penales
2410-8952 Nacionalʹnoe zdorovʹe
2410-9142 Review of computer engineering research
2410-9290 Biotika
2410-9371 Meždunarodnyj naučnyj žurnal
2410-9444 International journal of veterinary sciences research
2410-955X Biomedical letters
2410-9592 Thēmis
2410-9649 Chemistry international
2410-9681 Contemporary Chinese political economy and strategic relations
2410-972X Clean air journal
2410-9754 Biojournal of science and technology
2410-9908 Diagnostics, resource and mechanics of materials and structures
2410-9916 Sistemy upravleniâ, svâzi i bezopasnosti
2410-9959 Serdečno-sosudistye zabolevaniâ
2410-9991 Journal of education and e-learning research
2411-0027 Agua y conocimiento
2411-0035 Fides et ratio
2411-0094 Revista científica de ciencias de la salud
2411-0116 Journal of green physiology, genetics and genomics
2411-0132 ˜The œexplorer
2411-0167 Revista de psicología
2411-0191 Problemy upravleniâ v socialʹnyh sistemah
2411-0272 Bioresearch communications
2411-0280 Sovremennye problemy distancionnogo zondirovaniâ Zemli iz kosmosa
2411-0299 Ûridičeskij vestnik Dagestanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta
2411-0302 Islamovedenie
2411-0396 Journal of Qafqaz University.Philology and pedagogy
2411-0418 Journal of Qafqaz University. History, law and political sciences
2411-0426 Journal of Qafqaz University.Mechanical and industrial engineering
2411-0434 Journal of Qafqaz University.Chemistry and biology
2411-0442 Journal of Qafqaz University.Economics and administration
2411-0469 Journal of Qafqaz University.Physics
2411-0477 Journal of Qafqaz University.Mathematics and computer science
2411-0515 Vestnik BGU.Seriâ 1,Fizika, matematika, informatika
2411-0523 Quarterly journal of econometrics research
2411-0531 Dvigateli vnutrennego sgoraniâ
2411-0558 Vestnik Nacionalʹnogo tehničeskogo universiteta "HPI".Informatika i modelirovanie
2411-0566 Perspectivas
2411-0574 Vestnik Nacionalʹnogo tehničeskogo universiteta "HPI".Tehničeskij progress i èffektivnostʹ proizvodstva
2411-0582 Žurnal Instituta naslediâ
2411-0604 Vestnik Nacionalʹnogo tehničeskogo universiteta "HPI".Problemy soveršenstvovaniâ èlektričeskih mašin i apparatov
2411-0620 Matematičnì studiï
2411-0639 Vestnik Dagestanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta
2411-0647 Storìnki ìstorìï
2411-0655 Strategìâ rozvitku Ukraïni
2411-071X Bezpeka ìnformacìì
2411-0760 Revista científica da UEM.Série ciências agronómicas, florestais e veterinárias
2411-0779 Problemy mašinostroeniâ
2411-0809 Sibirskij psihologičeskij žurnal
2411-0817 Problemy učeta i finansov
2411-0884 Revue congolaise de gestion
2411-0906 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta.Seriâ, Metallurgiâ
2411-0914 Regionalʹnye problemy preobrazovaniâ èkonomiki
2411-0930 Pakistan journal of science
2411-1104 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta.Psihologiâ
2411-1325 Cameroon journal of studies in the Commonwealth
2411-1376 Journal de Afrikana
2411-1406 Èkonomika regiona
2411-1414 Chimica techno acta
2411-1481 Mir nauki i obrazovaniâ
2411-166X Psihìatrìâ, nevrologìâ ta medična psihologìâ
2411-1694 Transport, transportnye sooruženiâ, èkologiâ
2411-1783 Selecciones matematicas
2411-1821 International e-journal of advances in education
2411-183X International e-journal of advances in social sciences
2411-1953 Ugolovnaâ ûsticiâ
2411-216X ˜The œjournal of human communication studies in the Caribbean
2411-2240 Journal of innovative sciences
2411-2259 Pollster journal of academic research
2411-2283 Âzyk i kulʹtura.Priloženie
2411-2313 Prikladnaâ diskretnaâ matematika.Priloženie
2411-2445 Working papers in higher education studies
2411-2488 Bioprocesos
2411-2658 Èkonomičeskaâ politika
2411-2755 Evropejskij Soûz: fakty i kommentarii
2411-2844 Journal of biomedical photonics & engineering
2411-2895 International research journal of agricultural and aquatic sciences
2411-2917 Infectious diseases and translational medicine
2411-2933 International journal for innovation education and research
2411-2941 Central-Asian material science journal
2411-295X Revista de economía San Marcos
2411-3093 Shìd
2411-3115 Doslidžennâ z ìstorìï tehnìki
2411-3387 Proceedings of the ... International ISCRAM Conference
2411-3395 Islamic economic studies
2411-3417 Perspektivy
2411-3514 Mağallaẗ al-qādisiyyaaẗ li-l-ʻulūm al-ṣirfaẗ
2411-3646 International research journal of business and social science
2411-3727 Nauka i socialʹnoe kačestvo
2411-3751 Research cultures
2411-3794 Medicina truda i èkologiâ čeloveka
2411-3859 Breast research
2411-3913 Vìsnik Harkìvsʹkogo nacìonalʹnogo unìversitetu ìmenì V.N. Karazìna.Serìâ Geologìâ, geografìâ, ekologìâ
2411-3921 Zernovì produkti ta kombìkorma
2411-3964 Zhōng yīyào zázhì
2411-4073 European journal of economics and business studies
2411-4103 European journal of language and literature studies
2411-4294 European law and politics journal
2411-4383 Ìnstitucìjnij repozitarìj Deržavnogo viŝogo navčalʹnogo zakladu «Kiïvsʹkij nacìonalʹnij ekonomìčnij unìversitet ìm. Vadima Getʹmana»
2411-443X European journal of contemporary economics and management
2411-4502 Acta herediana
2411-4596 Kulʹtura i vremâ peremen
2411-4634 Opuholi golovy i šei
2411-4642 Problemy istoričeskoj poètiki
2411-4669 Nābū
2411-4693 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta.Seriâ, Stroitelʹstvo i arhitektura
2411-4707 Vìsnik Prikarpatsʹkogo unìversitetu.Serìâ Fìzična kulʹtura
2411-4723 Journal of technological information, management & engineering sciences
2411-4731 International journal of social sciences and management studies
2411-4766 ˜Les œannales du LAASSE
2411-488X Secondary education journal
2411-4936 Journal of islam, law and judiciary
2411-5029 Journal of space technology
2411-5037 Journal of professional research in social sciences
2411-524X Maǧallaẗ abḥāṯ al-baṣraẗ.Al-ʻilmiyyāt
2411-5312 Schriftenreihe zur Didaktik der Mathematik der Österreichischen Mathematischen Gesellschaft
2411-5479 Southern African journal for policy and development
2411-5495 Physical chemistry
2411-5568 Revista científica Los Andes
2411-5924 Social sciences review
2411-5959 Southern African journal of environmental education
2411-6289 Revista científica de la Escuela Universitaria de las Ciencias de la Salud
2411-6319 NUST Journal of engineering sciences
2411-636X Congreso de economía, administración y tecnología
2411-6378 Revista de ciencia política y gobierno
2411-6408 Financial risk and management reviews
2411-6564 Arhivʺ vnutrennej mediciny
2411-6610 International journal of applied research
2411-6653 Agriculture and food sciences research
2411-6661 World scientific research
2411-667X International review of applied sciences
2411-670X Bangladesh journal of infectious diseases
2411-6750 Germivoire
2411-6777 International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies
2411-6793 International Conference on Context-Aware Systems and Applications
2411-6890 Boletín del Colegio de Geógrafos del Perú
2411-703X International Conference on IoT in Urban Space
2411-7048 African public procurement law journal
2411-7064 International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare
2411-7080 International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services
2411-7099 International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services
2411-7129 International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems
2411-7145 EAI endorsed transactions on pervasive health and technology
2411-7188 Journal de mathématiques, mathématiques & applications fondamentales et informatique
2411-7226 Journal of systems and industrial project engineering
2411-7323 International journal of social science management and entrepreneurship
2411-7331 Region: gosudarstvennoe i municipalʹnoe upravlenie
2411-7390 Journal of language and education
2411-7420 Ukraïnsʹkij pedagogìčnij žurnal
2411-7447 Problemi sučasnogo pìdručnika
2411-7633 Asia-Pacific journal of education, business and society
2411-7773 Mağallaẗ al-qādisiyyaẗ li-l-ʻulūm al-handasiyyaẗ
2411-7870 Fundamina
2411-7951 Učenye zapiski
2411-796X Modernizaciâ, innovaciâ, razvitie
2411-7986 Mağallaẗ baġdād li-l-ʿulūm
2411-8656 Vestnik Samarskogo municipalʹnogo instituta upravleniâ
2411-8834 Ius et veritas
2411-8842 Pakistan Armed Forces medical journal
2411-8893 Medicinskie aspekty zdorovʹâ ženŝiny
2411-9199 Vìsnik agrarnoï nauki Pričornomor'â
2411-9261 Revue congolaise d'économie
2411-927X Revista de ciencias farmacéuticas y alimentarias
2411-9296 Ingeniería y ciencia
2411-9407 International journal of economics and financial research
2411-9458 ˜The œjournal of social sciences research
2411-9601 Jimma University journal of law
2411-9695 International journal of migration research and development
2411-9717 Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
2411-9725 Balkan journal of interdisciplinary research
2411-9741 Iraqi dental journal
2411-989X Journal of cancer and allied specialties
2411-9970 Alcance
2412-026X International scientific research journal
2412-0294 International journal of social sciences and information technology
2412-0413 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta.Seriâ Himiâ
2412-0553 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta.Seriâ Obrazovanie, pedagogičeskie nauki
2412-0588 Vestnik Ûžno-Uralʹskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta.Seriâ Pravo
2412-0642 International journal of management, accounting & economics
2412-0758 Maǧallaẗ al-handasaẗ wa-al-tiknūlūǧiyā
2412-0774 Neperervna profesìjna osvìta: teorìâ ì praktika
2412-1150 Journal of electron devices
2412-1703 English literature and language review
2412-1770 Business, management and economics research
2412-2009 Pedagogìčna osvìta: teorìâ ì praktika. Psihologìâ, pedagogìka
2412-2068 Growth
2412-2157 Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnogo avìacìjnogo unìversitetu. Serìâ: Fìlosofìâ, kulʹturologìâ
2412-2432 International journal of business and social science studies
2412-2467 Protokolle zur Bibel
2412-2491 Fìlologìčnì studìï
2412-2564 Revista de la Escuela de Física
2412-2572 Humanismo y cambio social
2412-2580 Journal of applied molecular cell biology
2412-2599 Scientific review
2412-2726 Revista ingeniería en redes y telecomunicaciones
2412-2769 Eduser
2412-2815 Kashmir journal of medical sciences
2412-2920 Revista panameña de laboratorio clínico e investigación
2412-3005 Revue scientifique et technique forêt et environnement du bassin du Congo
2412-3013 Acta médica dominicana
2412-303X International interdisciplinary journal of scholarly research
2412-3188 Annals of psychophysiology
2412-3196 Medieval worlds
2412-3226 Ciencia y actividad física
2412-3285 Revista multi-ensayos
2412-3358 International journal of cyber-security and digital forensics
2412-3730 Neumann business review
2412-396X Zanco journal of humanity sciences
2412-3978 Revista de ciencias sociales
2412-3986 Zanco journal of pure and applied sciences
2412-4206 International journal of humanities
2412-4346 International journal of business administration and management research
2412-4354 Voprosy obrazovaniâ
2412-4362 International journal of advanced research in engineering
2412-4370 International research journal of electronics & computer engineering
2412-4389 International journal of research in science
2412-4443 Electronic archive of Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy
2412-4818 Èlektronnaâ biblioteka UrGPU
2412-4990 Sravnitelʹnaâ politika
2412-5105 A3manos
2412-513X International journal of science, engineering and innovative research
2412-5571 Asian journal of medical and biological research
2412-558X Caribbean curriculum
2412-5695 Specialty journal of psychology and management
2412-5784 Vestnik UrFU.Seriâ Èkonomika i upravlenie
2412-5830 Bangladesh agronomy journal
2412-6039 Žurnal institucionalʹnyh issledovanij
2412-6047 Voprosy regulirovaniâ èkonomiki
2412-6160 Vestnik transplantologii i iskusstvennyh organov
2412-6381 Journal of agriculture and crops
2412-642X Revista médica de Panamá
2412-6535 Regional journal of information and knowledge management
2412-6896 Realidad empresarial
2412-7329 Vestnik Samarskogo gosudarstvennogo aèrokosmičeskogo universiteta imeni akademika S.P. Koroleva
2412-737X Specialty journal of agricultural sciences
2412-7396 Specialty journal of biological sciences
2412-740X Specialty journal of architecture and construction
2412-7418 Specialty journal of accounting and economics
2412-7485 Specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
2412-7558 Bangladesh journal of plant pathology
2412-7957 Computer & radioengineering
2412-804X Ágora
2412-8279 International journal of business, management and social research
2412-8767 Izvestiâ vuzov.Poroškovaâ metallurgiâ i funkcionalʹnye pokrytiâ
2412-8775 Klinicist
2412-8783 Izvestiâ vuzov.Cvetnaâ metallurgiâ
2412-8805 Omskij psihiatričeskij žurnal
2412-8902 Andrologiâ i genitalʹnaâ hirurgiâ
2412-8929 Èkonomika truda
2412-8937 ˜The œjournal of Middle East and North Africa sciences
2412-8953 Filologičeskij aspekt
2412-897X Scholars bulletin
2412-9003 Vestnik Magnitogorskogo tehničeskogo universiteta im. G.I. Nosova
2412-9178 Russkij žurnal detskoj nevrologii
2412-9348 Svìt medicini ta bìologìï
2412-9461 Problemy stomatologii
2412-9496 Vestnik èksperimentalʹnogo obrazovaniâ
2412-9542 Vestnik Meždunarodnogo instituta informatizacii i gosudarstvennogo upravleniâ im P.A. Stolypina
2412-9674 Valla
2415-8968 Műhelytanulmányok
2415-9093 Pedagógiatörténeti szemleaz MTA Pedagógiai Tudományos Bizottsága Neveléstörténeti Albizottságának folyóirata
2415-928X Financial and economic reviewscientific journal of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
2415-9395 Studia mundi – economica
2415-945X EduLinguaalkalmazott nyelvészeti folyóirat = journal of applied linguistics /
2415-959X Regiokisebbség, kultúra, politika, társadalom /
2415-9603 Regiominorities, politics, society /
2415-9751 Hungarian agricultural engineeringperiodical of the Committee of Agricultural Engineering of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences /
2415-9883 Theory, methodology, practice
2416-0148 KKI-elemzéseka Külügyi és Külgazdasági Intézet időszaki kiadványa
2416-0288 Magyar régészetonline magazin /
2416-0296 Hungarian archaeologye-journal /
2416-0415 Corvinus law papers
2416-0474 Párbeszédszociális munka folyóirat /
2416-0601 LingDoknyelvész-doktoranduszok dolgozatai /
2416-0865 Monumenta ritualia Hungarica :
2416-089X IntersectionsEast European journal of society and politics /
2416-1020 Antiszemita gyűlölet-bűncselekmények és incidensek Magyarországonéves jelentés /
2416-111X Pulsea journal of history, sociology and philosophy of science /
2416-156X Disegnoa designkultúra folyóirata = review of design culture /
2416-1942 Bölcsészet- és művészetpedagógiai kiadványok
2416-1950 Bölcsészet- és művészetpedagógiai tananyagok
2416-4747 Institut Jean-Nicod
2417-8616 BASS2000
2417-8667 SIMBAD astronomical database
2417-8756 Centre de données de la physique des plasmas
2418-3547 Archimède
2420-7748 Pediatria medica e chirurgica
2420-806X Quaderni della rivista di psicologia clinica
2420-8124 Health psychology research
2420-8213 Sustainable Mediterranean construction
2420-823X English literature
2420-8256 Ingegneria dell'ambiente
2420-8299 Atelier de recherche génois sur l'écriture contemporaine
2420-8329 Banlieue littéraire
2420-8361 Biblioteca di studi di filologia moderna
2420-837X Quaderni norensi
2420-8450 Quaderni di matematica del Dipartimento di matematica e fisica dell'Università del Salento
2420-8469 Antropologia
2420-9112 FUET working papers
2420-918X Cuadernos del Hipogrifo
2420-921X Plurimondi
2420-9295 Mysterion
2420-9589 Avocetta
2420-9643 Reviews in gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition
2420-966X Alexis
2420-9767 Francigena
2421-0293 Lingue culture mediazioni
2421-2113 Community psychology in global perspective
2421-2156 ˜The œItalian law journal
2421-2172 European journal of Islamic finance
2421-2210 Energy for health
2421-292X Archivio d’Annunzio
2421-2997 Archivio storico messinese
2421-3012 Quaderni eretici
2421-3098 ˜La œDeleuziana
2421-3187 LaborEst
2421-3349 Research and Advances in Psychiatry
2421-4175 Passaggi
2421-4191 Studi giraldiani
2421-4248 Journal of preventive medicine and hygiene
2421-4469 Evidence-based Psychiatric Care
2421-454X Series
2421-4574 TeMa
2421-5503 Interfaces
2421-5635 Rivista di studi e ricerche sulla criminalità organizzata
2421-5821 Medea
2424-3310 Lyčių studijos ir tyrimai
2424-3345 Jaunųjų mokslininkų darbai
2424-3353 Inter-studia humanitatis
2424-3361 Filologija
2424-3388 Acta humanitarica universitatis Saulensis
2424-3647 Lithuanian journal of physics
2424-3949 Sporto mokslas
2426-377X Journal des étudiants en développement international
2426-394X Atlante
2426-413X ˜The œJournal of plant hydraulics
2426-5268 Montesquieu law review
2443-9762 Riparia
2444-0221 Cuestiones de género:
2444-023X Estudios humanísticos.Filología
2444-0272 Polígonos
2444-1961 Clina
2444-2550 ˜La œEstructura en el proyecto de arquitectura = The Structure in the arquitectural project
2446-4740 Research on Biomedical Engineering
2446-6964 Geonomos
2446-7650 Cadernos Teologia Pública
2449-7525 Yearbook of Poznan Linguistic Meeting