How to use ROAD ?


ROAD is intended to benefit to researchers and scholars by:


  • giving access to open access scholarly contents via a single access point
  • giving information about the use of the resources identified by an ISSN within the scholarly community (this resource is indexed by..., is abstracted in..., etc).
  • enabling the disctinction between several publications having the same title (an ISSN is assigned to one resource and only one)


ROAD users should keep in mind that the ISSN is a standard bibliographic identifier. As such it does not give any garanty regarding the quality of the resources identified by an ISSN. As a matter of fact, the librarians of the ISSN Network are not entitled to evaluate the content of the resources they ISSN assign. By assigning an ISSN, they certify that a given publication is a continuing resource and  provide the basic metadata for its identification (title, publisher name, place of publication, URL, frequency..). Furthermore, scientific sources are not the only resources identified by the ISSN Network: newspapers, magazines, websites, annual reports and many other types of publications without any scientific content are assigned ISSN each day worldwide.


In other words, the evaluation of scientific publications is made by peers, by specialized institutions or companies, in the framework of specific projects, etc, not by the catalogers of the ISSN Network.