ROAD resources covered by PsycINFO®:

Category of service: Indexing and abstracting databases

Owner:  American Psychological Association

Creation date:  PsycINFO began in 1967 with the first electronic publication of the bibliographic records included in that year's print Psychological Abstracts (1927–2006, ISSN 0033-2887).  A detailed history is here:


Disciplines covered: professional coverage beyond psychology to include related disciplines such as medicine, law, social work, neuroscience, business, nursing, forensics, engineering, and more. The full coverage list is here:

Type of resources covered: peer-reviewed journals, books, and dissertations.

Geographic coverage: publications from more than 50 countries, journals from 29 languages.

Coverage dates: from 1597 to present, with comprehensive coverage from the 1880s. The full coverage list is here:

Number of publications covered: more than 2,500, as of August 2013.

Number of records in the database: more than 3.5 million records. These records include more than 57 million cited references. Comprehensive coverage of cited references began in 2001. More information about cited references is here:

Selection criteria/coverage policy:


Last update: November 2013