E.g., 10/19/2017
E.g., 10/19/2017


Journals' inclusion in DOAJ
  • Best practice

The DOAJ, which is one of the data sources of ROAD (see, has launched a new form for journals

UNESCO publishes Guidelines to compare Institutional Repository Software
  • Software and tools

The Guidelines to compare Institutional Repository Software is being published as part of the UNESCO’s Open Access Strategy.

A Metric for the Quality of Peer Review: Interview with Adam Etkin of PreSCORE
  • Metrics

PreSCORE is a new metric that ”measures the level of peer review conducted prior to the publication of scholarly material.”

OpenAIRE May 2014 conference
  • Event

This conference, entitled "Open Access: Movement to Reality,  Putting the Pieces Together", will explore how OA infrastructures are being practically implemented around the world.

SPARC webinar on Open Access Developments in Latin America (SciELO)
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  • OA policy
  • Scholarly publishing
On January 14, 2013 Nicholas Cop presented how the Scientific Electroni