The ISSN Register






The ISSN International Register is published by the ISSN International Centre. It  is a bibliographic database which lists all ISSNs assigned to serial publications. It is the most complete reference source in the world for the identification of serial publications.

The database is constantly updated by the ISSN Network and contains 1.7 millions of bibliographic records as of December 2013. It increases by approximately 60,000 to 70,000 ISSNs per year, reflecting an equivalent number of records and identified publications. Nearly 170,000 corrections and modifications are made every year.

Each bibliographical record in the ISSN International Register contains:

  • the publication’s unique reference elements:

        - ISSN,
        - key title, and
        - abbreviated key title.

  • additional elements used to identify the publication concerned:

        - frequency,
        - language,
        - other forms of the title,
        - place of publishing,
        - publisher,
        - medium, etc.

  • where appropriate, the links associating the title concerned with other titles also identified by an ISSN:

        - previous title(s),
        - other languistic editions,
        - other medium versions, etc.


The ISSN Register is available on subscription. For more information, please see: