E.g., 10/18/2017
E.g., 10/18/2017


OpenCon Latin America to Convene Open Advocates Across the Region: Support their Efforts!
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Latin American representation in the OpenCon community has been growing since 2014, specifically at OpenCon 2016. The outc

Open Access: Five Principles for Negotiations with Publishers
  • Best practice

LIBER, Europe’s leading association of research libraries, presents Five Principles for libraries to use when conducting Open Access negotiations with publishers.

Open access publishing in China
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Following rapid development in

Fair Open Access Principles for journals
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That scholarly communication should be “Fair” is an increasingly common concept  for both data and research outputs more widely, including the F.A.I.R.
Less than 5 years to build the European Open Science Cloud
  • European Union

To answer the necessity to exploit scientific data's full potential, the European Commission will conduct a five-year program to realize the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).